Our Products

   Our brands are leaders in baking and cooking


Since 1911, family cooks and restaurant chefs have relied on Mazola® to deliver great-tasting, high quality food. From marinating and sautéing, to deep frying and baking, these oils perform reliably dish after dish. Whether you choose our corn or canola oils, olive oil or cooking sprays, Mazola® products play an important role in improving the American diet and helping people eat healthy. These trans-fat free oils offer a healthier alternative to butter and oils with more saturated fat. Visit www.mazola.com for more information about Mazola branded products.


Spices, Seasonings and Sauces


From quick snacks to elegant five-course meals, cooks from every background rely on spices manufactured by ACH to make their dishes memorable. In fact, all our spices and seasonings brands  Spice Islands®, Durkee®, Weber® Seasonings, Tone’s® and French’s are made at our manufacturing facility in Ankeny, Iowa, the largest spice manufacturing facility in the world. For information about our amazing array of spice branded products, go to  www.spiceadvice.com.  Our line of Indian food products is sold under the  Patak’s® brand, the leading Indian food brand in the United States.


Baking Enhancements

Cooks and bakers who take pride in serving great food know to start with proven baking brands from ACH. Karo® corn syrup, Argo® & Kingsford’s® corn starch and baking powder and Fleischmann’s® yeast brands are recognized for superb quality and reliability. We also offer Golden Griddle® pancake syrup, a brand that has been served to many generations of pancake lovers.




At ACH Foodservice, food and flavor are our passion. We're proud of our premier portfolio of brands that embrace this passion: Durkee® Spices, Karo® Corn Syrup, Argo® Corn Starch, Henri’s® Salad Dressing and Patak’s® Indian Creations. Our commitment to quality, partnership and innovation in foodservice is evident everyday as we strive to make a difference in what you make. Learn more at ACHFoodservice.com.


Alimentos Capullo

Food is at the heart of Mexican culture and Alimentos Capullo takes pleasure in being a part of it. Capullo® and Inca® brands are two of the most popular oil and fats brands among Mexican cooks. Aladino® peanut butter, Karo® syrups, and Tones® spices are also much-loved staples in the cucina. For more information about the Alimentos Capullo brands, go to www.alimentoscapullo.com.